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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Moustache on his Tongue?

     So, when I first got pregnant with this baby I craved anything fruity.  Real fruit, fake fruit, fruit flavored get the picture.  Well, Clint Santa filled my stocking up with about 4 boxes of Fruit Roll Ups at Christmas and since then my fruit cravings have died down a little.  Needless to say, we are still working on eating up the Fruit Roll Ups!  I got one out last night and it happened to be the kind with the tongue tattoos on it.  Eli thinks those are the best, most awesome things ever so of course he wanted to swipe my snack.  I broke him off a section with a tattoo on it (if I give him the whole thing we just end up with a huge, sticky, drooly mess!).  He was so excited and he said "I'm going to get a moustache on my tongue!"  Yes, a moustache.  When I died out laughing he realized that he had forgotten what a tattoo was called and that he was calling it the wrong thing and he didn't think it was too funny.  But, Clint and I definitely got a very good laugh out of our child applying a moustache to his tongue from the fruit roll up!  I just love what kids say!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Mystery Noise

     Everybody has moments where they doubt their sanity, right?  Tell me I'm not alone here!  I'm going to share one of those moments I had recently.  About 2 months ago we bought me a new car.  Well, it's not a NEW car, but it is new to me.  Anyway, back to the story....we had driven the car to Disney World and all around eveyday for about a month.  One night I went out to the car to get something and when I opened the door I heard this scratching sound.  Like a mouse scratching sound!  I immediately jumped and then started trying to figure out where it was coming from.  Of course it stopped.  So, I closed the door and waited a minute then opened it again and the noise was back.  I knocked on the glove compartment and the noise stopped again.  I ran inside and told Clint about the noise.  He went outside and opened the door and.....nothing.  Not a single sound!  Ok, this went on for days people!  I would hear the noise and work at finding my mystery "mouse" over and over and then Clint would go out and would hear absolutely nothing.  It got to the point that he thought I was just going a little crazy I think!  So, after about a week of listening for my mystery mouse I made him go out and open the door first.  Tada!  He FINALLY heard the noise!  And, guess what it was?  The weather stripping on the door!  Yep, the weather stripping was sticking to itself and sounded like a scratchy mouse when it was unsticking.  By the time I opened and closed the door over and over it was unstuck when Clint came out to listen.  Go figure!  But, at least I know I wasn't crazy...there really was a noise!  And, I'm very very glad there is not a little critter living in my car.  I don't think I would be a very safe driver if I was constantly looking for a mouse to run across my foot!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Changes are coming....

     So, I am starting to realize that there aren't very many weeks left until our new baby girl gets here!  I'm in freak-out mode to say the least.  We have done nothing in the nursery, I haven't washed or unpacked any clothes yet, and I'm making myself a little nervous honestly.  I think the main reason I haven't done any clothes washing yet is because I'm still waiting to have my very last sonogram to make 100% sure SHE is definitely a SHE and not a HE!  Does that sound crazy?  Haha!  I've bought some cute cute little girl clothes (yay for fun clothes), but I keep thinking that if I cut the tags off I will jinx us and we will end up with another boy.  :)  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Eli and I would be thrilled with another boy too!  I just don't want to end up with tons of girl clothes I can't use or return!   Soooo....there you have the insanity in a nut shell!
     Ok, on to the other less obvious changes around here.  Ever since Eli was born I have either rocked him to sleep or laid beside him until he fell asleep.  While I love the sweet time I get to spend with him I know that once the baby gets here I won't be able to do that every night.  I don't want him to think I'm trading him for his new sister, so we started a new bedtime routine this week.  He has done so great!  I told him that it was time to start going to sleep like a big boy without Momma laying beside him, so I've been laying down and reading him a few stories then kissing him goodnight and he has been falling asleep ON HIS OWN!  This is seriously a monumental occasion here people!  My child has never been cooperative at bedtime and all of a sudden he really has been acting like a big boy!  Yay!
     Now, one last note before I go.  This doesn't involve change but it ranks as one of my proudest Momma moments (all you Moms will understand why in just a second).  Yesterday, Eli came and sat in my lap and said his throat was burning.  I asked if he was ok and he said, "No, I'm going to throw up."  I had time to grab the trash can and let him throw up in it instead of all over me and the floor!  All of you Moms out there that have been puked on understand why this is a proud moment!  I didn't have to clean up anything but the trash can!!  Praise the Lord!!  He's feeling fine by the way....thank goodness for that also!
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