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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The things kids say

     I want to share something E said that cracked us up but first I feel the need to write some sort of disclaimer, so here it is.
     *Disclaimer:  E got off to a not so great (aka REALLY bad) start in the church nursery due to some serious separation anxiety when he was really little.  So, the nursery is the whole basis for this conversation although a 2 year old obviously doesn't explain it the way adults do....which makes it funny.*
     Now that that's done let's get on to the conversation.  We were riding down the road on the way home and we passed our church.
E:  "I don't like church."
Me:  "Aww, E don't say that.  That makes me sad!  Why don't you like church?"
E:  "Cause I don't like church."
Clint:  "What don't you like about church?"  (We were thinking he would say nursery or sitting still and quiet, etc)
E:  Silence....
Me:  "What part of church do you not like?"
E:  "The inside."
Well, I guess that settles that huh?!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can I go back please

    So, I know we got home from our beach trip 2 weeks ago, but I am just now taking the time to post some of my pictures.  Life gets so busy sometimes, but then you don't even really know what you've been doing!  Frustrating!  Anyway, I am super excited to report that I officially have a lifelong (or at least until he becomes a teenager and thinks I'm too uncool to be seen with) beach buddy!  E has been to the beach tons of times, but this time he LOVED it.  He woke up asking to go to the beach every morning.  I am thrilled to finally have someone in my family who loves the surf and sand as much as I do.  Clint isn't too keen on the whole sand getting everywhere part of the beach, but E and I don't care.  We had so much fun on this short little getaway!  E has already been asking when we can go back.  I promised him that I will try to plan another trip for us soon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A mushy puddle

     Every night E and I have a bedtime routine that we follow.  He gets his bath, brushes his teeth, and then we lay down and read stories.  E has become a great procrastinator when it comes to bedtime so there is usually a request for something to drink or another hug from Daddy after the books are read.  Tonight I was laying beside him waiting for him to fall asleep and this little voice says "Momma?"  "What baby?" I ask.  There was a long pause like he was deciding what to ask for tonight and then he said "I love you."  Be still my heart!  I turned into a big old puddle of mush right there.  I am SO thankful God blessed me with my sweet boy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Home Sweet 2nd Home

     Tomorrow we are heading out for a short trip to our 2nd home...the beach!  I always get so excited to go no matter what season or how short of a trip we are taking.  I absolutely LOVE going this time of year.  Everyone is back in school, the snow birds haven't arrived yet, and the beach is deserted.  It's perfect!  Plus, I always find some killer deals on summer clothes for E.  Who can pass up clothes that cost $2.00...not me!  So, we will be enjoying some beach time, some shopping time, some good food at our favorite places, and some family time this weekend.  I can't wait!
     *On a side note, we are seriously having a cold snap down here in the South!  I mean, for real people!  It was 50 degrees this morning.....50 degrees in September!  This just doesn't happen.  We have 70 degree nights and 95 degree days until October around here.  It was 96 degrees last Thursday and the highs this past weekend were in the 60's!  In fact, we set a record low temperature this morning.  It broke the previous record that was set back in 1896!  See, I told you this NEVER happens down here!*
     Ok, enough weather talk.  I've got to finish packing so I can go get some sand between my toes!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cupcake Central

     Last week we had Open House for our K-3 and K-4 classes.  We decided to make cupcakes that went along with all of our classroom themes this year.  They turned out pretty cute!  We had Thing 1 and Thing 2 for our Dr. Seuss room, Ice Cream Cone cupcakes for our Candyland room, and Marshmallow monster cupcakes for our Silly Monster room.  I think we did pretty good on these considering none of us can really bake!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dictionary according to E

Here are a few definitions I thought I would share with you.  These are, of course, according to E.

Y'am:  (contraction)  Combination of yes and m'am.  *Not to be confused with the vegetable.*
      Used in a sentence:  Momma:  "Do you want something to drink?"
                                     E:  "Y'am."

No:  (adverb)  The positive answer to a question.
     Used in a sentence:  Momma:  "I said N.O. (spelled out), no!"
                                    E:  "N.O. (also spelled out), yes!"  *As Daddy snickers in the background...*

Buckle Out:  (verb)  To unbuckle or unlatch something, specifically a carseat.
      Used in a sentence:  E:  "Gran, buckle me out!"  *Said from the backseat where he was securely stuck in   his carseat against his will.*

     I wonder if I should write the people at Webster's and let them know they are missing a few definitions in their dictionary?
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